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4.8GHz-6.5GHz 21dBi Dual Polarized Sector Antenna

This a 4-Port 90 Degree Dual Slant Polarized +45°/-45° Sector Antenna that features a versatile dual radio mounting system for attaching two Ubiquiti Networks RocketM5® or Rocket® Prism 5AC, Mimosa C5c, Cambium ePMP™ 1000 or TP-Link WBS-510 directly to the antenna. This antenna provides 4 separate ports, two +45° polarized and two -45° polarized, and all ports support 4.9 GHz - 6.5 GHz operation.

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Designed for use with Dual Radios
This antenna includes mounting brackets for attaching two AP radios to the rear of the antenna, minimizing the required tower space. The kit also includes four low loss N Male to RP-SMA Male cables for connecting the radios to the antenna.

Compact High Performance MIMO Antenna for Multiple WiFi Radios
One or more WiFi radios can be connected to this versatile antenna simultaneously. The unique design of this antenna offers high performance MIMO operation in a compact cost-effective package, making it an ideal choice for rapid deployment communications systems and emergency WiFi hotspots.


· Expanded Coverage: 4800 MHz to 6500 MHz

· 4 ports, Suits for Dual Radio like RocketM5, Mimosa C5c

· Cross Polarized, ±45° Polarization (Polarization Diversity)

· 45 Degree Beamwidth

· All-Weather Outdoor Operation

· Heavy Duty Tilt Mounting Brackets

· MIMO Applications

· 5 GHz 802.11a

· Wi-Fi Hotspots

· WISP Base Station


Frequency Range4800-6500 MHz
Gain (dBi) 21dBi
HPBWH(Deg.) 45±4°
HPBWV(Deg.) 8±2°
Tilt (Deg.)
F/B Ratio≥42dB


Connection Type4xSMA/N-K
Max. Power50W
Lightning ProtectionDc Ground
Dimensions750*142*64 mm
Weight (Kg)3.2 kg
Temperature Range (℃)-35~+50
Rated Wind Speed (km/h)126/ms
Mounting Type Pole mount
Suitable pole diameterФ30-80mm

Download Datasheet TDS-4865-21HV.pdf


dual polarized antenna

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dual polarized antenna

dual polarized antenna

dual polarized antenna

dual polarized antenna

dual polarized antenna

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